[New Spell] Out of the Woodwork

Out of the Woodwork


Fellhorn waited patiently within the walls of the inn. Thanks to the spell he paced unnoticed among the planks and boards of the thick wall. Then he heard the welcoming cries.

‘Gotcha!’ he said as he grabbed the gnome by the arm.

The demi-human illusionist let out a squeal and tried to jump.

‘Not this time, you owe me, little man, silver. A lot of it,’ growled the druid.

‘Okay, fine,’ whined the gnome as he reached for his coin pouch.



Out of the Woodwork (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Self

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level.

This spell allows a druid to enter any handmade wooden structure and move along the walls/floor/ceiling as long as there is enough room to contain the caster’s body. This can be used to pass through wood or to hide within a wooden building. If still inside at the end of the spell the druid will ‘pop’ out onto a random side of a wall, floor or ceiling. This can also be used to move through trellises and other handmade wooden objects. The caster can see normally through the wood .

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