[New Magic Item] Horn of the Greater Devil Tarraos

Horn of the Greater Devil Tarraos

Chalk’s spell caused a writhing tentacle to appear and grasp the fell elf by the ankle before it could escape.

‘Now!’ the wizard shouted, Koram loosed an arrow at the elf as Navnen threw one of his magical knives at the dreaded elf.

Snarling in pain the elf released Valance and drew a horn that had been at his side to his lips.

Strange vulture-headed creatures appeared as the elf wriggled out of Chalk’s spell.

‘Get them, show no mercy,’ the elf commanded just before escaping.

The adventurers turned towards the new threat.

‘Hey, at least you got me back,’ exclaimed Valance. ‘Who could live without a priest of the Spider god?’

‘Yeah…,’ the others said in unison.

This dread artifact was cut from the head to Tarros, a sinister devil that had escaped the Infernal realms and lived in hiding on the Prime plane for some decades in decadence until being found out by the Grand Paladin of Lorvel who severed the horn from the creature than then vanquished him back to the Underworld. The horn was carried away by the loyal servants of the greater devil and then lost in time, being found here and there in a variety of treasure hoards.

Benefit: This sleek curved golden horn resembles that of a ram and looks innocuous. In reality this sinister artifact can produce each of the following effects, once per day, at the user’s desire:

Emit a cloud of black mist that lasts for one hour. This mist is 80’x80’x80′ and moves as the owner of the horn wishes, the one who sounded the horn can see through this mist, it is like a Globe of Darkness spell to all others.

Emit a cone of Silence 80′ long, 30′ wide. All within this area must make a save versus Magic at -1 or be silenced for one hour, unable to speak or emit any verbal sound.

The horn can be used to Gate in 1d4 Lesser Devils who remain for at least one hour in the area and obey the bearer of the horn without question.

Usable by: Anyone.

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