[New Magic Item] Ring of Wizard Binding

Ring of Wizard Binding

Navnen ignored Chalk’s advice and took the job. He saw the two mages in the market, master and apprentice, the latter’s eye’s lit up with hope upon seeing the thief.

Several minutes passed as the thief surmised the situation and looked at his options. His job was to steal the ring from the master and hand it to the apprentice later, who would keep it hidden for reasons of his own.

Navnen used the well worn bump into the victim ploy. Instantly the master wizard turned the ring on his finger and the apprentice dropped to his knees in agony while scowling at the would be thief.

‘Oh, you aren’t slipping from my grasp so easily, little fish,’ the old wizard told his apprentice.

‘Yes, uncle,’ howled the young mage in pain as Navnen, horrified, slipped away into the crowd.

The ancient ritual that creates these rings was found less than a decade ago and in some places these magical rings are in vogue, with royalty showing off their pet wizards. In other places an adept will bind a special apprentice to one of these and still in other cases two spellcasters will bind each other to keep the other in check.

Benefit: One of these rings is granted to a person, often a ruler, but possibly even another spellcaster of some sort and a cleric or magic-user of some type swears and oath and binds themselves to the ring with a drop their own blood, placed upon the small ruby set into the ring. The spellcaster then is granted one extra spell every other level while this ring is held by another, and the spell is any spell of the caster’s choosing. The downside: the caster may not directly harm the holder of the ring who can merely twist the ring on their finger to one side or the other and cause the spellcaster excruciating pain (1d4 points of damage per round). The caster may steal the ring from the hand of the owner or have it stolen, but may not directly or willingly participate in harming the owner of the ring.

Usable by: This is a pact between two people, at least one is a spellcaster for obvious reasons.

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