[New Magic Item] Talisman of Aggravation

Talisman of Aggravation

The lumbering half-ogre thug scowled and turned to his boss.

‘I thought we were here to beat up the priest,’ he said.

‘We are, what is wrong with you?’

‘I think this other guy is a bigger threat,’ the monstrous thug replied, nodded towards Koram.

‘He didn’t cheat at dice with my little brother,’ the thug’s boss said.

The half-ogre didn’t see Koram pass a small metal amulet to Navnen then Chalk then Valance, he stood dazed and then threw up his arms.

‘I don’t know what to do!’ he lamented.

The boss grabbed the thug by the arm and glared at the adventurers.

‘Next time you won’t be so lucky, priest of the Spider God.’

‘We will see,’ Valance said with a big grin.

A simple talisman used to confuse attackers its origins are uncertain but in some places these are thought to be quite common and have saved many a con artist and cheating gambler from certain peril.

Benefit: When in combat this talisman is either worn on a person and visible or held in a free hand and passed from one ally to another surrounding a combatant. If worn by a single person the magic emits an annoying magic that draws the attention of an enemy and causes them to resist all rational gut feeling and attack the wearer of the magic item. If three or more allies are surrounding a single combatant then if they are able to pass the magic item from free hand to free hand of another quickly then this effect acts like a form of the Confusion spell and the enemy isn’t sure who to attack and may surrender or run out of combat, puzzled by what happened (this spell-like effect lasts three turns).

Usable by: Anyone.

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