[New Magic Item] Horn of horns

Horn of….horns

‘Is this going to work?’ Chalk asked as he felt the strange curling horns on his head.

‘This guys claims it will get us out of a tight spot,’ Valance replied.

‘Are we in one? How long do these thing last?’

The door burst open, witchhunters!

‘Well, we are in a tight spot now,’ lamented Chalk.

‘Beastmen!’ shouted one of the trio of witchhunters.

‘No, you don’t understand, there was this wizard. Say, where did he go?’

Valance shrugged as tiny spiders made webs between his horns.

While mainly used to give others an edge in combat, this strange magic item has also been used to make others seem strange or aligned to a malign or bizarre force or entity.

Benefit: As the Horn of Horns is winded all sentient creatures within 40′ of the horn owner’s choosing grow horns on their heads, either curling ram’s horns or like those of an antelope, or gazelle. These strange magical growths offer an additional attack that deals 1d4+1 points of damage and last for one hour. The horn is usable once per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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