[New Magic Item] Spice Grinder of Middlen Hill

Spice Grinder of Middlen Hill

Chalk, Koram and Valance watched as Navnen negotiated with a shady looking halfing.

‘We need to get going,’ urged Chalk.

‘Okay, just a moment,’ replied Navnen who then turned back to the demi-human.

Moments later, with a pained face, the halfling handed something small over to the human thief who smiled and returned to his companions.

‘What did you get?’ Koram asked.

Navnen revealed the small item in the palm of his hand.

‘A pepper grinder!’ Valance exclaimed. ‘That will come in handy when the ogres attack. We can stew them to death.’

‘No, no,’ Navnen interjected, ‘ you have got this all wrong. Remember the time that those bugbears roughed me up at Valkus-Riv? One of these saved my life right afterward, when that trio of halflings happened upon me. These things, if used in the right place, can give us a healing boost. And since our cleric doesn’t have healing spells….’

‘Fine, fine,’ said Valance, the priest of the Spider God cutting the thief short, ‘ let’s get going.’

Many say that halflings do not dabble in magic, yet they’d be wrong, some halfings do, it is just that most halfling wizards are practical and keep their enchantments reasonable and make what makes sense to a halfling, by enchanting what is important to them, not swords and shields, but the reminders of home when they are out and about. The Spice Grinder of Middlen Hill is a perfect example of this.

Benefit: This magic item is used after the battle most times and certainly not during. By removing the cap of this small spice grinder (about the size of a home pepper grinder) this magic item magically collects a variety of all edible herbs and spices in a 50′ radius, then dries and process these in an arcane manner. Not only does this boost morale (removing all Fear effects as well as warming one up from cold effects) with a tasty meal, but there is a 35% chance that a heal herb has been added to the grinder, healing 1d4 points of damage (this is only once per day regardless of how much is eaten).

Usable by: Anyone, but good luck getting a halfling to willingly part with one.

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