[New Magic Item] Fungal Wand

Fungal Wand

Navnen handed the strange wand to Chalk. The wizard read the strange runes and images on the magical device.

‘Where did you get this?’ Chalk asked.

‘One of those back of the wagon sales. It looked interesting,’ the thief replied.

‘It is terribly powerful,’ the wizard said transforming a nearby yokel into a stubby humanoid mushroom that scurried off trying to scream yet was rendered mute, ‘but I would lose this thing. I have heard the sporcerers do horrible things to those that keep these things.’


‘Yeah, okay, we will have some fun with it first before turning it in.’

An artifact created by the Council of High Sporecery, the fungal wand is usually only given to sporcerers in the service of the Council on missions. Every so often one of these is lost or stolen and because of the power of these wands, great effort is put into reclaiming one. Entire towns have been transformed into fungal empires to find a stolen Fungal Wand.

Benefit: In addition to carrying four sporecery spells like: Bioluminescent Touch, Floating Mushroom Caps, Fungal Crown and Overwhelming Fungal Nodes, usually with one casting of each spell. In addition the spell Fungusize can be cast twice per day and the duration is extended to one week per level of caster. This artifact can be recharged.

Usable by: Spellcasters and sporcerers everywhere.

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