[New Magic Item] Grub Shoes

Grub Shoes

Koram loosed another arrow at the orc warband.

‘Would you lose those shoes?’ the fighter asked Navnen.

‘Until something better comes along this is what I’ve got,’ the thief replied.

Chalk threw a spell that caused strange hands at the ends of writhing tentacles to grasp and claw at the orcs who then dispersed.

‘At least we aren’t going to run out of food,’ Valance said.

Mostly thought to be a curse or an item created by a deity of pestilence or madness, these shoes can also be a blessing in disguise as long as one isn’t to discerning at dinner time.

Benefit: When worn these odd magical shoes cause grubs and worms and other small invertebrates to rise up from the ground where each step was made as long as the wearer is walking on bare earth; this does not happen when walking on cobblestones, rock, wooden floors, traveling over water, etc, only when the shoes are worn and walking over dirt or mud. This makes tracking the wearer of the shoes very easy (90% chance) over bare earth for up to one hour after the person’s passing until the vermin disperse. If not too squeamish these shoes also provide sustenance.

Usable by: Anyone.

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