[New Spell] Glowbones



‘Let’s go!’ Koram urged.

Chalk tossed another spell at the small humanoids, this spell caused them to gibber and disperse.

‘We’ve got this,’ the wizard said.’Besides, they are just kobolds.’

The fighter shrugged and ran for the cave entrance.

Valance sent a very large spider among the kobolds, causing them to squeal and chitter.

‘What has gotten into him?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘I don’t know, must have lost his nerve.’


Glowbones (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10′ + 5’/level

Duration: One turn (ten minutes)/level or until dispelled.


This spell allows the caster to cause the bones of any desired creature(s) to glow through their flesh (or outside in the case of exoskeletons) in very bright and loud colors. While this effect makes hiding and ambush impossible it does create fear in any creatures with less than 4HD, causing them to make a save versus spells check or flee the area. Those under the effect of this spell are immune to the fear caused by others under the same spell.

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