[New Spell] Planar Flames

Planar Flames


The adventurers sat mulling over their drinks in the shady tavern, contemplating their next foray out into the Wild.

Suddenly a heavily robed man came into the tavern bearing a staff, two rugged men with crossbows in tow.

The robed man, obviously a spellcaster of some type hissed a spell. One of the patrons at the bar suddenly burst screaming into purple flames. Discarding the illusion it revealed itself as a thin fiendish creature with a barbed body and vicious fangs. The two fighters unloaded their crossbows into the burning creatures that began struggling for a way out as peasants and yokels yelled in panic and ran for doors and windows themselves.

‘Do we get involved?’ Koram asked.

‘Sure, it might be worth a few silver,’ Chalk said.

Fighter, wizard, thief and priest stood together and began fighting the infernal creature.


Planar Flames (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 30′ radius

Duration: Instantaneous.


When cast this wizard’s spell creates a strange purplish flame that burns any extra-planar creatures within the radius of the spell, causing 2d8 points of damage to all affected creatures that fail a save versus spells. Even creatures normally immune to magical fire from other planes are affected by this spell. Creatures of the Material Plane are unaffected by this spell.

Option: The caster may call out a specific plane or type of plane (Inner/Outer/Infernal, etc) and only creatures from the particular plane(s) will be affected

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