[New Magic Item] Amnesia Coin

Amnesia Coin

‘Why are we doing this again?’ Chalk asked as he climbed to the top of a ramshackle building with Navnen.

‘I need to slip a coin to someone,’ the thief replied.

‘You are giving a coin to someone?’ the wizard cocked his head.

‘It makes someone forget a point in time…’

‘Say no more,’ Chalk said as he hurled a mist of sleep into the room ahead of them.

A devious magical item, the Amnesia Coin is used by those who want others to forget a particular instance. While its origins are unknown, it is certain that many criminals covet these magic items to keep witnesses quiet.

Benefit: If an Amnesia Coin is placed upon a person or among their belongings that person will forget up to eight hours of time specified by the owner of the coin before leaving it behind. As long as another has the coin in their possession they will not be able to remember anything pertinent for that time period. Removing the coin will restore the memories completely. The owner of the coin is immune to these effects.

Usable by: Anyone.

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