[New Magic Item] Scarring Arrows

Scarring Arrows

Another arrow bounced by the adventurers.

‘Stay down, I’ve seen this before. In Klogen-Vin. These are just a diversion,’ Navnen said.

The others looked at each other.

Navnen shrugged and raised his tunic. On his left side there was a strange scar in the shape of a hawk.

‘I was caught in the Temple of the Night and the high priest’s guard had magical arrows,’ the thief admitted. ‘Nothing will remove this scar that I have found.’

‘Perhaps a few well choreographed spider bites,’ Valance suggested.

Navnen smirked as he lowered his tunic.

Created for the ranger Laal-la of the Forngladden Forest, a vicious rangeress who hunted bandits and those who would slay animals without cause, these enchanted arrows bore silent witness to many bandits, bearing the mark of the ranger for all the world to see. With this enchantment spreading about various other groups have found use for these magical arrows.

Benefit: To use one of these enchanted arrows an archer must prick his or her finger with the sharp arrowhead and make a mark on something (paper, stone, etc) before knocking the arrow. The mark will then disappear and then the arrow can be fired with a +2 to hit its target. The arrow deals 1d6+1 damage regardless of what type of bow it is shot from. Once a target is struck the arrowhead will leave a mark in the shape of a scar that reflects the image created by the archer before the bow was fired. Even magical healing cannot remove this mark, only a Limited Wish or Wish spell can, and then only after three days.

Usable by: Anyone who can fire a bow.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Scarring Arrows

  1. killervp says:

    The Bowman in the group will love these!

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