[New Spell] Green Light of Xalsis

Green Light of Xalsis


‘No!’ Stork shouted as the air became a bright lime green color.

Vistis the Blue Mage was lucky enough to fall out of the affected area. Stork tried a variety of spells, all of which bounced within the confines of the strange green light.

‘Get him,’ Stork urged Vistis.

Nollun the Grand Arcanist laughed.

Vistis snarled and cast a spell that caused strange creatures to crawl from the shadows. Nollun cringed suddenly and snapped off a quick spell at the illusionist then rose up from the ruins and floated off.

Stork spat curses until the restraining spell elapsed.

‘He’s on my list right after Chalk,’ the wizard said.


Green Light of Xalsis (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 40′ radius

Duration: Two rounds per level.


This wizardly spell causes all creatures in the affected area that fail a save versus Spells at -1 to be earthbound and planebound, unable to fly or leave the plane (although teleportation is possible) and trapped within the radius of the spell. This spell creates a dome with a pale green light trapping all who fail their save within its confines for the duration of the spell.

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