[New Spell] An Animal By Any Other Name

An Animal By Any Other Name


‘So this is why those “golden pheasants” tasted like chicken!’ the elf exclaimed.

Fellhorn grinned.

‘A bit of poetic license I would call it,’ the druid replied.

‘I can almost appreciate the deception if it wouldn’t have cost us,’ the gnome illusionist said.


An Animal By Any Other Name (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 30′

Duration: One day/level of caster.


This strange druid’s spell allows the caster to alter the look of an animal by the same type to look like a similar animal. For example, a seagull can look like a chicken, but not pig, a cow like an elf, but not a fish and so on. This effect only works on creatures of Animal intelligence or lower and does not work on magical creatures, only natural animals.

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