[New Magic Item] Miser’s Bag

Miser’s Bag

Bakra-do reached for his coin pouch. Inside a found a handful of dry, dead leaves.

A quiet growl was the only sound the mercenary made as he saw the mirthful tengu look over its shoulder. He began to run after the small monster which saw him coming then began sprinting in earnest.

Reaching a bridge over a deep ravine the tengu released feathered wings from under its cloak and leaped over the bridge.

‘This isn’t over,’ Bakra-do yelled after the strange creature.

An annoying chirp was the only reply.

The Miser’s Bag, also known as the Merchant’s Nightmare, is a strange gift from a minor deity of thieves that has caused more than a small amount of chaos. The clever and devious can find no end to uses for such a magic item, from getting rich to depositing scorpions into a rival’s coin pouch.

Benefit: This small bag (holds about 6 cubic inches/98 cubic centimeters) needs to physically touch another container, usually also a bag or sack. The Miser’s Bag must contain something, even a handful of dirt or dead leaves will suffice. When this bag touches another the contents will switch from one to another with two stipulations:

  1. If the bearer of the Miser’s Bag makes a Dexterity check (roll 1d20, result must be under Dex score) then the bearer of the other container (if any) will not notice the exchange.

  2. The contents of the other container must be equal to or less than what the Miser’s Bag can hold otherwise the contents will spill all over.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Miser’s Bag

  1. eltf177 says:

    I have little doubt what the authorities will do if they catch you with one of these…

  2. killervp says:

    Going to use this one in a very evil way- thanks!

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