[New Spell] Incontinuous Improvement

Incontinuous Improvement


The four adventurers stood by the wagon they were planning on traveling in. The wheels were warped out of shape so bad that they were of no use.

‘This is why they hang wizards in some places,’ Valance said.

Chalk rolled his eyes.

‘Let’s just find someone to fix this,’ the magic-user said.

‘It wasn’t you, because last night you said…’ Navnen began.

‘No! I didn’t!’ retorted Chalk.

Koram kicked at one of the wheels and the wagon collapsed.

‘At least we have some kindling.’


Incontinuous Improvement (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent.


Progress in the scientific and mechanical universe is considered anathema to the wonders and workings of magic. To this end this spell was created, to warp and slow progress by altering and breaking mechanical devices, whether current or futuristic in design. This spell works on any inanimate object and causes reality to warp and bend the device, with an 80% chance of rendering the thing inoperable until parts are fixed and or replaced. This spell will work on a wagon, windwheel or something as complex as a spaceship or ray gun. Very frustrating for space travelers on worlds with suspicious shamans.

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