[New Magic Item] Rod of the Gods

Rod of the Gods

The battle was about to commence with the bugbear and their hill giant ally. The priest of the Spider God retrieved a beautiful golden rod from within his robes.

‘What’s that?’ Chalk asked.

Valance tapped the magic-user with the rod and seemed to go over a list in his mind.

‘This one looks good,’ he said.

Chalk looked shaken.

I was going to use that spell,’ he said.

‘Better fin another, I am going to use that one,’ the priest of the Spider God quipped with a smile.

Chalk groaned and reached for his spellbook while scowling at Valance.

Every so often the gods make a device to cause a little mischief and to give their followers an edge, therefore this golden colored ornate rod, which emanates magic, is sometimes set in the path of a deserving cleric or druid to set things straight.

Benefit: With this rod a cleric or qualifying druid may commandeer one extra spell per day from another, as long as the spell is a level that the bearer of the rod can cast he or she can take the spell, from another divine caster or from a wizard, illusionist or any other type of spellcaster. This spell will automatically succeed, but may be saved against as normal. While the spell is lost to the caster instantly he or she can replace it with another spell (just not that particular one) instantly.

Usable by: A cleric or druid that gains spells from a nature deity or deities.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Rod of the Gods

  1. It reminds me of the Incantrix NPC character class written in a Dragon mag many years ago. A spell stealing meta-wizard.
    Btw – I’m loving these item and spell posts, particularly as you take the time t create a small setting for the effect; something I should be doing when I blog too. Great work (added you to my rss feed for posts) please keep them coming.

    • bat says:

      Thank you for the kind words! It began as an exercise in self-discipline and then I realized that I couldn’t stop. If I don’t write a post at least every other day my brain starts to overload.

      As far as the Incantrix that could be part of the residue in my mind, I haven’t read a Dragon magazine since the 3.0 days, but it is possible that it is in there.

  2. killervp says:

    Nice, love the angle.

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