[New Spell] Nullspell



Valance took a step back and smirked.

‘What?’ Chalk asked.

‘I cannot cast a simple spell, you try one,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

Chalk concentrated a moment.

‘I cannot cast a cantrip, something is wrong here,’ he whispered.

Everyone drew their weapons.


Nullspell (Divine)

Level 3

Range: 20′ radius +5’/level

Duration: Two hours per level of caster.


Also know as the ‘Witchfinder’s Friend’ spell, this spell creates a zone in a fixed area that prevents spellcasting from occurring during the duration of the spell by anyone other than the caster. Casters above 5th level receive a standard Saving Throw vs Magic to override this clerical magic and proceed with their spells as normal.

Optional: Only a type of magic is affected: Either Divine, Illusionist, Magic-user, etc or by school: Summoning, Evocation, Invocation, etc.

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