[New Magic Item] Lantern of Dead Minds

Lantern of Dead Minds

Fellhorn and his gnome and elf companions followed the old wizard to the graveyard. The elder magic-user lit a lantern he was carrying and strained his eyes in the darkness of the old graveyard. Shapes stirred and fluttered just outside of the lantern’s light, then suddenly one figure flew into the light, at first menacing, then calm.

‘Where is the Archdruid?’ the wizard asked.

The ghost faded into the darkness and another took its place, thin, just incorporeal bones and tattered robes.

‘Ask your questions,’ it croaked.

The wizard turned to the druid who retrieved a note from his robes.

‘Quickly,’ rasped a voice in the shadows. ‘We are hungry.’

The elf and gnome exchanged worried glances.

A strange magic item of necromantic origin, the Lantern of Dead Minds allows its owner to communicate with the dead, sometimes verbally, sometimes mentally and sometimes with spoken words, answering questions about their days among the living. You get three questions to ask, and then the undead are no longer bound by the lantern’s magic, so use them wisely.

Benefit: When lit this lantern gives off light in a 20′ radius and it also reveals any sentient incorporeal undead in the area. Any undead, physical or incorporeal in the area of the lantern’s light regain memories of their time alive and gain the ability to communicate to the lantern’s owner and will not attack him or her. Even mindless zombies will halt an attack for one of their number to answer three questions about their time alive.

Usable by: Anyone, often coveted by witches and magic-users.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Lantern of Dead Minds

  1. killervp says:

    Our Dread Knight will love this.

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