[New Magic Item] I am Stone Amulet

I am Stone Amulet

Valance and Navnen chased the halfling thief through the streets of the coastal town of Bottle.

‘He’s heading for the cliff!’ Valance shouted to Navnen.

‘Halflings can’t swim,’ the human thief offered.

‘Especially at low tide,’ snickered the priest of the Spider God.

As the two humans moved in on their quarry the small thief seemed unconcerned, even as he edged out to the precipice of the cliff and looked down.

The halfling made a mock salute and jumped off the side of the cliff.

The humans took a moment to look at each other puzzled and glanced over the cliff. A small ball of stone, carved in the shape of a halfling rolled into a ball had impacted the sand below. Seconds later the stone became a flesh and blood halfling again that wandered off.

‘This will take some explaining,’ groaned Valance as he stomped back towards town.

Granted to a hero that had a fascination with hunting medusae and other creatures that can turn one to stone, this handy amulet has other uses as well, although care must be taken, a destructive dwarf or wise medusa can wreak havoc on a body in stone form.

Benefit: This amulet will grant its owner the ability to become stone for up to one hour per day. The consciousness remains with the body unless magically forced out, otherwise the owner of the amulet has one hour per day to simulate a statue of stone, able to ‘see’ through his or her eyes but the stone figure cannot move in any way. Immune to gases, petrification of any kind and poisons in this state, but not immune to chipping (up to 1d10 damage) or being broken if dropped (instant Save versus Death roll required). The change from flesh to stone requires a command word and takes three seconds to achieve or reverse.

Usable by: Anyone.

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