[New Magic Item] Ancestor Staff

Ancestor Staff

‘We need the information,’ urged Chalk.

‘Okay, okay,’ Valance said as he took the gnarled staff with a nervous smile.

‘I call upon my great-great-great-grandmother Oessid of Torxmaroos,’ the cleric said.

Within moments a wispy image appeared of a bent old woman.

‘This is Oessid, is this Valance, or rather Morrew?’

‘Yes,’ Valance answered.

‘Morrew?’ asked Chalk.

‘Shut it,’ growled Valance.

‘Ah, Morrew the Shrew, now a big priest of the Spider God, go on, ask your questions,’ Valance’s ancestor cackled.

Valance groaned as Chalk snickered.

A fairly common shamanic item from earlier ages, it seems to have gone into decline, some say due to the ancestors being more critical of younger generations than ever before, although nobody knows for sure.

Benefit: This magical staff can be used by anyone once per day to contact either a specific ancestor or a random ancestor from a certain time period to answer a few questions and maybe even ask a few of their own or make comments; note that the ancestor will more than likely be honest and not know the answer. Upon summoning a ghostly vision of the ancestor will appear and speak with their descendant for up to ten minutes. Even if owned by one person, it can be temporarily loaned to another to summon their ancestor. If necessary to use in combat the staff deals 1d6+2 damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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