[New Spell] Dismissal of Course

Dismissal from Course


The colossal iron golem marched forward, relentless in its mission.

The archmage Dylfinus cast a spell that caused the hulking metal automaton to suddenly stop in place.

‘Why did you save us?’ one of the adventurers asked.

The old wizard smiled.

‘If you are being chased by an iron golem I am sure there is an interesting story behind it,’ Dylfinus replied.

‘It all began with a gambling debt…’

The archmage smirked. Not again.


Dismissal from Course (Arcane)

Level 7

Range: 50′ +5’/level

Duration: Instantaneous.


This powerful spell can override most any spell, short of a Wish or Limited Wish that compels another to do something, either willingly, unwillingly or as a course of duty. While not magic that will re-route a target, it will cease the current course of action that the subject is on, and if organic he or she will forget the mission they were on, if a construct, like a golem, the target will no longer follow the command that it was given. The spell even works on such mundane situations as city guards on patrol or as complicated as a golem programmed to fight intruders.

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