[New Magic Item] Wand of Undeath

Wand of Undeath

Navnen the thief regarded his rotting hand.

‘It doesn’t even hurt,’ he said to the others.

‘We need to reverse this, you cannot become some weird undead thing,’ Chalk said.

‘This is what happens when you go poking around in creepy temples!’ admonished Valance.

‘That’s rich coming from a priest of the Spider God,’ the thief retorted.

‘Better bit by a spider then turned into a ghoul or something like that,’ snapped the cleric.

‘You know it would be handy if you could remove curses, I don’t know how many times we have said that,’ Koram added.

‘Can we focus on our rotting thief? We kind of need him in the group,’ Valance said, trying to deflect attention back onto Navnen.

Either a cruel joke distributed by Orcus or prized wands once belonging to a cult dedicated to the Prince of the Undead, these nefarious magic items cause fear and misery when used almost every time.

Benefit: An odd magical wand with a tiny carved human-like skull on one end if a subject is tapped and the command word uttered the subject may save versus Spells at -1 or become subject of the Curse: Turning Undead which will cause the target to slowly become an undead creature over the course of one week’s time. Only Remove Curse, Wish or Limited Wish can undo this dreadful magic. While the target of the wand retains their mental faculties and abilities, his or her Constitution becomes 0 and the person is immune to Charm, Sleep and other mind-affecting spells. When Turn Undead is used by a Cleric those suffering from this curse receive a +2 to resist banishment. Wand is usable twice per day.

Roll 1d4 to determine Undead type:
1: Skeleton

2: Ghoul

3: Ghast

4: Wight

Usable by: Anyone that can use a magic wand.

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