[New Magic Item] Bell of Doors

Bell of Doors

‘I’ve got this,’ the thief said confidently pulling two small metal pieces from a pocket.

‘No, I’ve got this one,’ Chalk said.

The wizard murmured a quick spell and suddenly seemed to transform into smoke and leap through the lock. A second later the door opened and he let the others in.

‘Can I do my job?’ Navnen asked.

‘Normally, yes, however I recognized that bell on the door, if you would have opened it all of our names would have been recorded to the Archmage,’ the wizard said.

Navnen looked pale.

‘Fair enough then.’

This magical item was created by a crafty wizard that liked to pilfer from the duke’s coffers. The trick being that he enchanted the bell to only reveal those who enter the door in mundane ways (ie via a key, lockpick or turning the knob). Devious until the duke’s suspicions caught up to the wizard.

Benefit: Once per day this magical bell with a stylized face on it will reveal the names of all who have crossed the doorway and into or out of the portal by any ordinary means- key, lockpick or just opening the door, however magical means of entering, either by spell or magical device are not ‘recorded’.

Usable by: Anyone.

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