[New Magic Item] The Thing in Amber

The Thing in Amber

Stork concentrated on the ‘gift’ he had left the enchanter Miskofelos. The small thing within the amber prison clawed its way out slowly. It looked like a starved cross between an upright lizard and an insect. It clicked its claws gently on the hardwood floor and scuttled to the door.

Within a few minutes the tiny creature unlocked the door and Stork strode in like an angry shadow. He smiled, revealing shark-like teeth as he approached the sleeping enchanter.

‘Been dealing with Chalk and his companions?’ the sorcerer snarled as he drew a blade to the throat of the other.

In the background the tiny creature ran back to the huge glob of amber and sank back inside, becoming immobile.

This magical item is little more than some small, strange creature that was trapped in amber at some point and enchanted to be able to escape its confines and do simple things for its owner. Highly prized these tiny golems sell for a ridiculous price in magic shops.

Benefit: The Thing can be mentally controlled by its owner to leave the amber it is trapped in and perform small simple tasks, like opening doors or windows, scratching a message with its claws on any surface or stealing a small object. The emaciated creature being only a foot high is not very good in combat, dealing 1d3 points of damage (claw or bite) and only having five hit points.

Note: The creature, being virtually mindless, will not always assume the same pose when it returns to the amber from whence it came, those with high Wisdom or Intelligence might catch this.

Usable by: Anyone.

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