[New Magic Item] Blade of the Infernal

Blade of the Infernal

Koram growled as the imp bit his ankle. The warrior plunged his Crystal Sword into the thing, which screamed in pain and disappeared into a stain of foul ichor.

‘Quickly, he’s escaping!’ Chalk yelled.

The foul sorcerer sneered as he crawled through a secret door.

Navnen the thief rushed to the now locked hidden portal and searched for a way through the door.

‘He’s gone,’ commented Valance as he watched one of his spiders chew on an imp.

‘That was a bounty in gold, GOLD,’ Navnen said.

‘We can head upstairs, wait him out, he can’t stay here forever,’ Chalk suggested as he chased the last imp around the room before it disappeared into puff of oily smoke.

Obviously of evil design and make, this strange and cruel dagger has turned the battle for many a wizard. A reward for infernal service and a nasty surprise for the unsuspecting.

Benefit: This strange dagger deals 1d4+1 damage in combat. When rolling to Hit, if the d20 result is 17+ an imp or quasit is summoned (depending on alignment, either for a Neutral bearer of this dagger), with maximum HD, confers 4 extra hit points to the dagger’s owner and will fight for the spellcaster bearing the blade (these familiars, if they die in combat give the dagger’s bearer no negative consequences). These spare familiars will remain up to ten minutes after the fight and then will fade away back into the Underworld as the spellcaster’s hit points return to normal.

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