[New Magic Item] Horn of Sirens

Horn of Sirens

‘What is that sound?’ Stork asked Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘I know not, but it is very melodious,’ replied the illusionist.

The two spellcasters walked towards the sound as if in a daze.

As they walked into the small grove of oaks the bandits revealed themselves to the unarmed magic-users.

As the brigands drew their blades and Vistis staggered forward Stork shook the magic off and through a dreadful spell that covered the unsuspecting thieves in a noxious strangling arcane web.

‘Sorry, it didn’t affect me,’ snarled the wizard as the thieves cringed in horror.

While called a horn this magic item is actually a weird and ornate shell from the depths of the deepest sea. Traditionally used near shores or on small islands, this magic item has no actual ties to the water and can be used anywhere.

Benefit: Twice per day this magical shell can be winded and any target within range that can hear the sound will be lured towards the sound and will be off their guard (weapons sheathed, not expecting an ambush) and will trustingly and curiously follow the sound. A save versus Spells at -1 to resist this urge to wander towards the enchanting sound. The effect lasts for two turns (twenty minutes).

Usable by: Anyone.

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