[New Magic Item] Ring of Bilocation

Ring of Bilocation

The gnome illusionist slipped the ring on and went down into the depths of the nearby sunken ruins. Strangely, another gnome, looking exactly like the illusionist could be seen on a nearby hill, scavenging for firewood.

‘It is good to see the gnome working for once, I would have sworn that the rascal would have tried to get down where the treasure is rumored to be,’ said Fellhorn the druid.

‘Indeed,’ replied the elf, narrowing his eyes at the gnome in the distance. ‘I wonder how the little devil found a way around his natural tendencies.’

A most amazing ring, considered a major artifact by some because of what it can do, others find this magical ring a major inconvenience because of what it can do.

Benefit: With this ring the wearer can be in two places at once for one hour per day per every other level (1,3,5,7, etc…). The distance is roughly three miles away and yet not within clear enough eyesight to recognize the other (i.e. the two ‘mes’ cannot work together in tandem. The second ‘me’ can only go to places where the original has been to. If one of the duo is killed the other dies instantly too.

Usable by: Anyone.

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