[New Magic Item] Toad Cloak

Toad Cloak

‘That’s a pretty pointless magic item,’ Fellhorn said.

‘So you say, you are just jealous,’ sneered the elf.

‘A cloak that pours toads from underneath its folds? Jealous of you for that?’ the druid laughed.

The gnome shook his head at the druid.

‘You always miss the big picture,’ the small illusionist said.

‘And what is that?’

‘We will never go hungry with handfuls of toads available,’ replied the gnome.

Fellhorn grimaced at the thought.

Completely of unknown origin, this magic item can be used to slow down pursuers or maybe get someone eaten. Does the Toad God croak pleasantly each time this is used?

Benefit: Once per day this greenish-brown cloak can release a swarm of thirty small toads from underneath the cloak. These creatures are controlled by the wearer of the cloak and can create a tripping hazard or just run amok and get into everything, putting adversaries at -1 on any rolls for two rounds until they are freed of the annoying creatures which scamper off looking for a place to hide. Alternatively one giant toad may be summoned and controlled for one turn per level of the wearer of the cloak.

Usable by: Anyone.

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