[New Magic Item] Amulet of Weapons Lapse

Amulet of Weapon Lapse

The usurpers broke into the king’s chambers, weapons brandished.

Seeing the king nod the court wizard dropped a glass amulet.

As the lead traitor sneered he realized a mist had engulfed them all, slashing at the king’s wizard caused the blade to squirm in his hand and evade its target.

‘It is no matter, we can use our fists,’ the archtraitor hissed.

The king’s man-at-arms pulled a lever which caused a door to slide, revealing a trio of menacing ogres.

‘And so can they,’ the king said with a smile,’if my loyal mage would lock the chamber door….’

The wizard cast a quick spell that locked the door the traitors entered magically.

Thought to have been created in a temple for monks trained in martial arts type combat these magic items have proven useful to quell many heated situations, would be assassinations and even training exercises gone awry.

Benefit: When one of these amulets is thrown and breaks (takes 1 point of damage) a mist emanates from the broken talisman and affects all within a 50′ radius for one turn (ten minutes). During this time no physical weapon will hit its target or do damage, instead all weapons except fists, feet and teeth miss their target until the strange mist fades.

Usable by: Anyone.

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