[New Magic item] Potion of Golem Control

Potion of Golem Control

The scrape of stone against stone grew louder as the golem trudged along the corridor of the dungeon.

‘I hope this was worth the gold,’ Chalk said before upturning the glass vial and drinking the strange liquid.

At first the wizard coughed and sputtered and then, just as the stone humanoid lurched into view, he took control of himself.

Slowly the stone behemoth raised its fists to strike.

Koram looked over at Chalk with urgency in his eyes.

‘Stop! Turn around! Smash the door from whence you came!’ the wizard commanded.

It seemed to take ages for the golem to respond to the orders. In reality it was seconds. The scowl on the stone face seemed to grow deeper almost as the magical construct spun on its heels and did as Chalk told it to do.

‘It was worth the gold,’ Valance said.

‘We aren’t out of this dungeon yet,’ added Navnen the thief as a shrill cry could be heard coming from the room beyond the doors as they splintered under the golem’s fists.

An alchemical answer to the depredations of golems during the War of Iron and Stone, these potions turned the tide of a few battles and allowed for even more daring escapes while confused sorcerers had their creations turned against them. As a side effect many alchemist guilds were destroyed in retaliation.

Benefit: This magical draught (with usually 1d4 doses in a vial when found) allows the imbiber to control up to 16 HD worth of golems for one turn (ten minutes), regardless of other factors or commands that the golem has. If more than 16 HD of golems are encountered then the drinker of the potion may only control the golems for three rounds (three minutes), which is still enough time to do some damage or make a run for it if need be. After the time has elapsed the golems return to their previous commands (if any) unless another dose of the potion is available and drunk.

Usable by: Anyone.

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