[New Spell] Skinbound



‘He’s coming!’ hissed the wizard, the adventurers all scurried to the basement.

In a small dusty room a solitary figure sat with a strangely painted jug before it.

‘Sit,’ the figure said cryptically.

‘We don’t have a lot of time,’ the thief urged. A loud thud could be heard upstairs, as if to punctuate the sentence.

The robed figure removed the lid of the jug as the others sat.

‘Astral,’ it said and several small dark things leaped into the figure’s outstretched hand.

‘Take one, eat.’

Everyone grabbed one as the handle of the wooden door was tried. One by one they all relaxed as if in a trance, except for the thief.

‘It’s not working,’ he squeaked as the door smashed open.

‘Ah, the curse worked as expected,’ the old priest said with a wry smile.

The thief stood up as the guards came in behind the old man.

‘Just this one, he is all we need, let the others worry when they come back,’ he grinned.


Skinbound (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent until dispelled.


This advanced curse is subtle and usually goes unnoticed for some time. Whenever the target tries to escape their body (as in Astral Projection) or even use magic to wander around with his or her senses (such as an Arcane Eye spell or the Planar Jug magic item) their efforts fail the first time and any subsequent attempts require passing a Save versus Spells with a -1 modifier until this curse is dispelled with Remove Curse, Limited Wish, Wish, etc. This spell also keeps a possessed person from losing the possessing entity. Death releases the spirit and dismisses the spell.

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