[New Magic Item] Stray Room

Stray Room

Navnen looked at the others.

‘So what do you think?’ the thief asked.

‘Nice, roomy, warm, this is travel,’ Koram said.

Chalk regarded the room’s interior.

‘A great way to float along, how do we stop it?’

Navnen nodded towards an anchor near one of the windows.

‘Does it go any faster?’ Valance asked.

‘If it did I couldn’t have caught it,’ replied the thief.

Caused during a magical incident in the city of Nalaj, a huge inn exploded in an arcane manner, leaving the rooms intact and floating randomly above the surface of the planet.

Benefit: A Stray room is a magical room from an inn that floats 30′ above of the earth or water at roughly 15 miles per hour. The room is surrounded by brick or stone and has a two windows that can be closed with shutters. Each room has a small fireplace, two small tables and a few chairs and is roughly 50′ in diameter with a 10′ ceiling with a steep, pointed roof. Entry may be gained via a window and any sentient being may concentrate and control the direction of the room or slow it down and allow it to hover. There is a one meter/yard cushion of air that prevents a stray room from colliding with other solid objects.

Usable by: Anyone.

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