[New Magic Item] Wand of Three Dimensions

Wand of Three Dimensions

Koram was in a panic at the sight of the rust monster, it’s feathery feelers quested for his armor as the creature loped down the dungeon corridor.

Navnen leaped behind the ungainly creature and struck it with a dagger. Soundlessly the beast seemed to crumple lifelessly to the ground.

‘What is that on your blade?’ Valance asked.

The thief touched the blade to his tongue as Chalk winced.


This reward-gift for a talented spellcasting painter has been duplicated and these wands can be found in more than a few treasure troves. In some cities wizards duel by using their created monsters in deadly combat.

Benefit: A magical wand with up to eight charges within it (1d8), the Wand of Three Dimensions will cause any two dimensional image to become three dimensional with a tap. Regardless of the image (a dog or a dragon or any other rendered beast or monster) the image will attack and save as a monster with 1HD per level of the bearer of the wand.

Usable by: Magic-users and illusionists.

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1 Response to [New Magic Item] Wand of Three Dimensions

  1. killervp says:

    This is awesome, loving the possibilities here!

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