[New Magic Item] Eyed Gauntlets

Eyed Gauntlets

Navnen and Chalk approached a sharp turn in the deep dungeon.

‘I think I hear someone,’ whispered the wizard.

Navnen nodded and slowly raised one leather gloved fist to the edge of the stone wall then slid it carefully out into the air so that the back of his handed was exposed to the unknown.

The thief breathed a sigh of relief.

‘What is it?’ whispered Chalk. ‘Koram and Valance?”

Navnen nodded.

Chalk pulled the thief back and motioned to spring out and scare the other two as they approached closer.

The thief grinned.

While thought to be initially credited to an Archmage that also ran a thief’s guild, this magic item has saved many an adventurer from sudden death.

Benefit: This simple magic item is a pair of leather gauntlets that not only grant the wearer a +1 to AC but also has an eye embossed on the back of the “hand” of the gauntlet. By concentrating for one round (ten seconds) the wearer can see through the eye of the leather glove. This can be maintained as long as concentration is being focused on the gauntlet.

Usable by: Anyone that can wear leather armor.

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