[New Magic Item] Time Arrows

Time Arrows

‘We’ve wasted too much time trying to figure out this puzzle, they got away!’ Fellhorn said.

The elf ranger drew his bow and aimed at the druid.

‘What are you doing?’ Fellhorn asked in shock.

‘Just remember the combination to the puzzle,’ the elf said as he released the arrow.

The druid disappeared.

‘Where did he go?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘Hopefully far enough back in time to make a difference, we were only a few minutes late,’ the elf said.

Some time later Fellhorn phased back into the time line with the others.

‘I’d rather the gnome went through that next time,’ the druid muttered.

‘But we caught the thief!’ the gnome squeaked. ‘You did well!’

Originally thought to be the gift of a deity of time, these magical arrows are very rare and highly coveted by sharpshooters that need to alter time for at least one person.

Benefit: The shooter of one of these arrows can choose whether to deal damage or to send the target backwards in time, roll 1d6, either for hit point damage or ten minute increments the subject is sent back. After the time shift has elapsed the target of the arrow ‘snaps back’ into the present timeline. This effect can be used on enemies of friends depending on the situation. If retrieved undamaged a magic-user may recharge these arrows.

Usable by: Anyone that can fire a bow.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Time Arrows

  1. I like that it could create all sorts of mayhem :). How about a cursed bow of time? Perhaps the user skips forward and misses crucial rounds of battle?

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