[New Spell] Go Away, Fish!

Go Away, Fish!


‘Are we all ready to go?’ Koram asked Chalk.

‘We are just waiting for Valance,’ the wizard replied.

The priest of the Spider God showed up at the dock a moment later and eyed the rickety boat. He removed a scroll from his robes and handed it to Chalk.

‘What is this?’ the wizard asked.

‘Remember that time the Shark God sent his minions after us?’ Valance asked.

‘You, you mean.’

‘Okay, after me.’


‘That is a scroll to repel underwater life, we may need it.’

‘Or to throw you overboard.’


Go Away, Fish! (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 10′ radius +5’/level

Duration: Ten minutes per level of caster.


This spell repels all marine life (including mammals, but not including undersea constructs or undead) within the radius of the spell for the duration listed. All marine life will ‘steer clear’ and avoided the affected area. Intelligent marine life may make a Save versus Spells at -1 to try to defeat the magical barrier. As the spell elapses underwater life may move about as normal.

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