[New Magic Item] Cauldron of Worlds

Cauldron of Worlds

Vistis the Blue Mage watched intently as Stork stirred the ingredients in the cauldron as the water heated up.

Moments later the wizard knelt over the cauldron and gazed intently into it. He spoke a few strange words that the illusionist did not understand.

Suddenly Stork screamed in terror and fell back, a huge hideous hand reached up through the cauldron, grasping about for the sorcerer.

Without hesitation Stork kicked the cauldron over, splashing the contents of the cauldron onto the ground.

‘Too much oregano?’ he asked himself. ‘Ill try again tomorrow.’

An enchanted cauldron that allegedly has been on many other worlds and has counterparts on other planets, the Cauldron of Worlds is a powerful magic item that allows direct communication to other places and maybe even times, but beware, it is rumored that some creatures have used this magical cauldron to travel to another places.

Benefit: Using the right recipe a spellcaster may see into and communicate with another world. Most of the planetary ‘broths’ are somewhat easy to brew up and the ingredients are usually not too hard to find, getting the right combination together is crucial in clear and precise communication. As long as a steady fire keeps the concoction boiling it is possible to maintain a connection to the specific world. There is an 85% chance of getting the recipe right for spellcasters above level three, 65% for those below. There is a chance (LL’s discretion) of beings on other planets from trying to use the Cauldron of Worlds to travel to the spellcaster’s planet and vice versa.

Usable by: Clerics, magic-users and druids.

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