[New Encounter] The Summoner’s Circle

The Summoner’s Circle

The short creature held aloft a lantern, fighting off the dusk as the adventurers approached. Chalk noticed that the flame seemed to wriggle unnaturally, upon closer inspection it wasn’t a flame at all.

‘Is that a…’ the wizard began.

‘Efreei’s tongue? Yes it is,’ replied hooded being.

‘What are you seeking summoned?’ asked another squat being.

‘An enormous creature to pull a wagon for us for one week, stronger than an ox,’ Navnen answered.

The two creatures mumbled together in a strange tongue while a quartet of the short things stood nearby.

‘Kralian Beetle, one week, two hundred and fifty gold,’ one of the things finally said.

The adventurers eyed each other.

‘Two hundred and twenty-five?’ Valance asked.

The two creatures clicked excitedly. The priest of the Spider God had done his homework and knew these small mages love to haggle.

Located in between a dangerous forest and a large city stands a squat building of stone, round with a flat top, almost looking like a giant stone mushroom. Small standing stones ring the top of the building and a huge summoning circle carved deep into the stone surface of the roof. A wooden door faces the South and a few small round windows can be seen here and there around the wall of the two story circular building. Curious short figures, cloaked and hooded, bear staves and await customers.

In the game: The half-dozen creatures here are all powerful spellcasters, four masters of summoning, two masters of battle magic. For a fee these creatures will summon and bind creatures and entities to their clientele while the other two are at the ready with offensive magic in the case of a miscast spell or attacks upon the small tower or its inhabitants. The cost of hiring a summoning depends on the power of the creature and the time it is summoned, but these creatures are the best at summoning and have mastered their magic to enhance spells in special ways (at the discretion of the LL/GM).

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