[New Magic Item] Mask of the Minotaur

Mask of the Minotaur

Fellhorn groaned as the gnolls approached, cackling and yipping in their strange tongue.

The elf ranger looked at the others. The dwarf stood up.

‘I’ve got this,’ the stout fighter said as he reached into his satchel.

The dwarf held aloft a mask that had the visage of a cruel, fanged bovine creature.

Without warning the dwarf suddenly transformed into a hulking minotaur. The dwarf-creature roared, a bestial howl that silenced all within listening distance, including the gnoll warband.

‘And that is why I brought the dwarf along,’ Fellhorn said.

The minotaur raged into the gnolls, who barked fearfully and scattered.

This stylized leather mask (allegedly made from the hide of a minotaur) is said to be part of a mysterious set of masks that transform the wearer into monsters. But care should be used, it is also rumored that each time the mask is worn there is a chance the transformation to beast-man becomes permanent.

Benefit: When worn this strange leather mask transforms the wearer into a nine foot tall minotaur, complete with horns, hooves and a tail. In this form the wearer of the mask as 18 Strength and can deal 2-8 points of damage with a gore attack, 1d4 points with a punch or stomp or by weapon. Spellcasting doesn’t work while this mask is worn, yet all mental faculties remain intact and in this form the mask’s wearer moves at 120′ (40′) and has 6HD.

Usable by: Anyone.

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