[New Magic Item] Wand of Levitating Things

Wand of Levitating Things

‘They are gaining on us, get this thing up in the air!’ urged Fellhorn.

‘I’m trying!’ squeaked the gnome as he concentrated on steering the rickety old cart towards the rooftops of the city as guardsmen were firing arrows and crossbows at them.

‘I could get out and push,’ offered the elf sarcastically.

The gnome illusionist looked over his shoulder and glared at the elf.

‘Be my guest.’

Fellhorn screamed as the distracted gnome bumped into a roof, scattering clay tiles that shattered on the cobblestones below.

Not made by the best wizard, but not a bad magical wand if you can use it efficiently.

Benefit: This wand can be used twice per day to levitate an inanimate object, Small objects can whizz around quickly while larger objects move slowly and with less grace. Each use lasts one hour in duration. Top speed for objects larger than a horse in size is 60′.

Usable by: Magic-users and illusionists.

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