[New Magic Item] Four Corner Lycanthrope Potion

Four Corner Lycanthrope Potion

‘That’s that!’ the innkeeper said as he put the cork back in the small bottle, ‘Any werewolves or ratmen will be shown for who they are.’

The inn’s customers grew bored just drinking and waiting for the potion to reveal an unnatural creature. Then several city guardsmen came into the inn, their sergeant last, seeming to pull himself into the building and he wasn’t sure why.

The crowd gasped as the changeling was revealed, its non-descript features and creepy eyes sending a shiver up many spines.

The guardsmen turned on their sergeant as he ran for the door.

Word got around the next day that a changeling was seen in the small town and hunters of the supernatural and shapechangers in particular flooded the town.

Among the few precious and useful Four Corner Potions of the Alchemist Guild of Nalaj, City of Magic, these concoctions one doesn’t drink. Very expensive, but these can certainly alert the user when shapeshifters are lurking about.

Benefit: This Four Corner potion must, as the name suggests, be poured in each corner of a room, a drop or two in each corner will do. For the next twenty-four hours any lycanthrope or shapeshifter using innate abilities to change (like a changeling or doppelganger, for example) will need to pass a save versus Potions to enter the room, and if they pass this Save their true nature will be revealed. Note that this potion does not affect those using magic items for a temporary change in form (Ring of Lycanthropy, Mask of the Minotaur, etc) but will affect Polymorph Spells (Self and Other).

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Four Corner Lycanthrope Potion

  1. eltf177 says:

    Quite useful, and a good idea for an adventure. Someone uses this and discovers a LOT of lycanthropes and shapeshifters in the area. Just what is going on?

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