[New Spell] (Curse)The Opposite of Me

Curse-The Opposite of Me


The orc warlord urged his boar mount to the top of the hill to survey what was left of his warband. They had taken a beating and their leader had earned a few new scars. The orc recalled the spindly wizard struggling to get close to him and jabbing him with a tiny dagger.

Suddenly the orc warlord was pulled out of his reverie by howls and screams.

‘He’s a changer! We’ve been duped!’ one of the orcs cried out. Arrows were set to bows.

The puzzled orc leader looked around, they were glaring at him. He looked at his hands. What had been course and rough green hands were now pale and delicate elf hands.

‘No!’ the orc screamed just before the arrows flew.


Curse-The Opposite of Me (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Effect lasts one hour per level of caster.(and see bellow)


The Opposite of Me is a curse that makes the affected individual (who receives a Saving Throw versus Spells at -1 to resist this magic) transform physically into a creature that is the opposite of the true nature of the target. For example an elf might become an orc, a dwarf a bugbear or a halfling a goblin. A good human might also become an orc or hobgoblin or similar creature and the opposite is true of humanoids targeted by this spell. The truly insidious aspect of this spell is that the caster determines when the transformation takes place after the target is touched.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] (Curse)The Opposite of Me

  1. killervp says:

    This one is just dirty, and I like it!!

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