[New Spell] Curse-Hounded by the Dead

Curse-Hounded by the Dead


Navnen returned to the adventurer’s lair, three skeletons in tow.

‘Now what?’ Chalk asked.

‘Minor curse for breaking into the wizard’s tower at the edge of town,’ the thief replied.

‘You idiot, now we have to pay to have ANOTHER curse removed,’ the magic-user groaned.

‘No, I am keeping this one until it is over,’ the thief insisted.

‘You are dragging a bunch of undead around with you as you go out thieving?’ Koram asked. ‘How does that work?’

‘Look how he was doing before the curse,’ Valance said with a snicker.

‘I will be fine,’ grumbled Navnen half-heartedly.


Curse-Hounded by the Dead (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Effect lasts one year and a day or until removed.


What at first appears horrifying is realized to be terribly annoying at best. Hounded by the Dead causes the target to be surrounded by the undead; at first this is minor undead, skeletons, zombies, ghouls, then, if the cursed one starts destroying these undead then more appear and become stronger in time; wights, wraiths, ghosts, spectres, etc. These undead actually do no harm to the cursed one or those around them unless provoked, in which case they do fight ferociously. In the beginning the cursed person has roughly 4HD of undead around them, destroying or trying to evade these creatures encourages more to appear. When the duration is up or the curse removed the undead lose interest and go about their way.

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