[New Magic Item] Shamisen of the Spider

Shamisen of the Spider

The wily hobgoblin struck up a tune on the three-stringed instrument. Within moments a frighteningly huge spider crept into the firelight.

‘I believe we will take all of your valuables now,’ another hobgoblin announced to the human adventurers.

Valance tapped a foot and mumbled. Three equally large and hairy spiders arrived. He cocked his head at the hobgoblin leader who turned to look at the downcast group of bandits behind him.

‘My deity made that. I think you’ll be handing that over to me,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

With a sheepish grin the first hobgoblin stood and quickly handed the instrument over to Valance.

‘He’s going to use that all the time now, you know,’ Chalk chastised the downcast humanoids as they retreated into the shadows.

Glowing, Valance started to play a haunting tune.

Obviously sanctioned by the Spider God, like many things associated with this tricky deity the exact connection is harder to define. It is a devastating magical item in the wrong hands and a creepy one in even the best of situations.

Benefit: It takes one month of practice to master this three stringed instrument. Being able to play at least one of the three songs, ‘Ballad of the Spider God’, ‘Ode to Old Spider’ or ‘Creeping in the Web’ is essential to summoning and controlling the nearest giant spider (or Black Widow if using B/X-LL). The summoned creature will understand and obey the one playing this magical shamisen for 1d4 hours (option, roll 1d6, on a result of ‘6’ hours becomes days) and will attack, carry thing and even be a mount for dwarf, halfling, gnome and goblin/kobold sized creatures. This instrument may be used to summon a giant arachnid once per day.

Optional: this can obviously be altered to suit any type of monster that is handy to have around for extra muscle- ogres, manticores, chimera, etc.

Usable by: Anyone.

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