[New Magic Item] Mudstick


Navnen looked excitedly at the others.

‘This will work, I just need a spellcaster,’ the thief said.

‘For what?’ asked Chalk.

‘To use the magic item inside to soften the walls,’ Navnen replied.

‘And the rest of us?’ Koram inquired.

‘Help me haul the loot,’ responded the thief.

Thought to have been created by an archdruid, others believe that a wily fae creature or rascal deity created such a magic item. Whatever its origins it has caused considerable damage and distress. Many kings lock these up tight whenever one is found to avoid it being used against them. Often favored by druids, witches and hedge wizards.

Benefit: This staff can turn stone to mud three times per day. The area affected is 1500 square feet up to 5′ deep. This lasts for one day or until reversed by a Transmute Mud to Rock Spell (and each staff has a 50% chance of being able to do this). Movement through the area is affected by 75%.

Usable by: Any spellcasting class.

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