[New Spell] Bloodsight



‘You paid the wizard how much for that spell?’ laughed Valance.

‘I want to try it out, she said it would be cheaper on a scroll if I like it,’ Navnen replied.

‘I’m sure,’ said the priest of the Spider God.

The two adventurers wound their way through the small town towards the inn called Knot & Gnoll when the thief tugged on the cleric’s robe.

‘What is it?’ Valance asked.

‘I don’t think we should go in there. Those two guys hanging out front, they aren’t men,’ Navnen replied.

Valance squinted.

‘They are reptilian I mean, you idiot, this spell is working and they are radiating a deep blue, everyone else around is red, why are those two different?’ said Navnen.

Valance pondered a moment.

‘You are right, we’d better tell the others about this,’ Valance admitted.


Bloodsight (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch/30’+5′ per level

Duration: One turn per level of caster.


This arcane spell allows the affected one to see what type of creature(s) are in their vicinity; celestial and upper planar creatures will pulse gold, mammals red, cold-blooded creatures a dark blue and undead/infernal creatures will radiate black while constructs and elementals will not radiate any color at all. This does not fine tune to the point that a human shapechanger disguised as as dog for example could be found out, but a serpent person disguised as a human could be revealed.

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