[New Spell] Curse-Little Red Bug

Curse-Little Red Bug


The Prince and his retinue had been chasing the evil wizard for months on end. Too many months it appeared.

Cornered, the rebellious mage laughed and held a small bottle high above his head.

‘You want your precious king, have him!’

Immediately the wizard threw the glass bottle to the wooden floor, smashing it, tiny red insects crawled everywhere, the bottle must have contained thousands of them.

‘Watch your step, we must find the king!’ the prince warned as the guards and men-at-arms began to crawl looking for one bug that might look different from another.

The cackling wizard made his escape and it took an agonizing amount of time for the prince to find the one bug march in a specific pattern different from every other little red bug.


Curse-Little Red Bug (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: It takes one year and a day until completion, then permanent unless removed. (See below)


This rather annoying and horrible curse begins to manifest early in obvious ways-a day after the initial curse the subject grows 1d4 inches shorter. The skin begins to become less flexible and begins taking on a faint reddish hue. Weeks go by with these symptoms growing more acute-here another drop in height, their the eyes become darker and more alien. After a few months the target of the spell is half their original height and has two antennae growing from their head, reducing Charisma to half of what it was. The target of the curse will become a tiny red bug 1mm long within a year and a day of the curse being cast upon them. Only Int remains at that time and any damage will kill the tiny bug which is hard to find and easy to lose in a crowd of similar bugs. After a year and a day only a Wish or Limited Wish spell can restore the subject to their original state.

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