[New Spell] Curse: Dirt Wizard’s Curse

Curse- Dirt Wizard’s Curse


Chalk and the others were headed in the direction of the Gnashing Gnoll tavern when the small goat drawn cart came creaking along towards them. A grim looking wizard sat in the cart, scowling at the world.

‘Lost that duel with the Dirt Wizard?’ Chalk asked.

Only grumbling came in reply.

‘I’ll buy you a drink at the ‘Gnoll,’ Navnen offered.

With a half a smile the cursed wizard turned his small cart around in the dirt street and followed the others to the tavern. He hopped onto the the front porch.

‘Ah, it does feel good to stretch my legs, lads,’ the wizard confessed.

‘Mind your cart and goat in these parts, we don’t want to have to carry you home again,’ Koram said.

‘You might need to anyway if there is dragonberry wine!’


Curse-Dirt Wizard’s Curse (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and a day or until dispelled.


Not really that terrible, one might think, and for some this curse can be easily skirted around for the duration, for others, not so easily. This curse causes the target to be unable to walk upon dirt, mud or rock for the duration of the spell or until the curse is lifted. In fact, walking upon the natural bare earth will cause elemental hands of earth and rock to attempt to dragged the cursed one underground to suffocate. This takes three rounds (3 minutes) and the cursed one may try to break free (required Strength 15 or more), climb upon a non-earth surface or be lifted above the grasping elemental hands. Note that while a bare earth floor in a building still qualifies for the curse, cut stone does not-any processed and positioned stone is safe to walk on.

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