[New Spell] Your Hand is My Hand

Your Hand Is My Hand


Everyone watched in horror as the young wizard brought forth a dagger and stabbed the prince right before everyone’s eyes. Even the magic-user himself seemed in disbelief of the violent action. Retribution by the man-at-arms and his royal guards was swift and bloody.

‘One must really screen their spellcasters, O’ Prince,’ the illusionist disguised as a wise man whispered in the Prince recovered some days later.

You’ve got the job now,’ the prince said matter-o-factly.

The wise man grinned. Now in the confidence of royalty his plans could unfold.


Your Hand Is My Hand (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 30’+5’/level

Duration: One turn.


When cast the target of this spell receives a Saves vs Spells at -1. Failing this one hand/paw/tentacle/etc is under control of the casting illusionist for ten minutes (one turn). If the target rolled a 20 for the save then two hands/paws/etc are under the illusionist’s control. The controlling illusionist must concentrate to maintain the spell and cannot make other actions and cannot make the controlled person harm themselves, but he or she can make the target of the spell harm others.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Your Hand is My Hand

  1. o/~ My hand is your hand. From California, to the New York islands…o/~

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